BBN's Khloe Left Frustrated After 3 Countries Denies Her Visa
BBN's Khloe has been left frustrated after three different countries - UK, US and Canada have all denied her visas. Khloe took to her IG to express her frustration and also asked hwat could be done. She wrote;

Guys let’s have a chat about EMBASSIES in Nigeria ...
What are your experiences?
What do you think can be done ?
I’m so angry , pissed and frustrated .. been Denied severally and it always put me in a bad state.... UK - 3times. US - 2 times.  CANADA- 1 time

The most annoying part is it’s non refundable application . Some even pay For fast tracking which it’s not a small change ... All documents required are complete but you still have a way of saying NO. Like my last uk application , the refusal letter was totally different from what was in the application and I was like where did I state this one. I said I’m freelance and you still asking me for salary records after explaining in a full letter how the money in my account comes in with evidence from the companies I worked for . Shame.

Yah all visit our country without stress but making ours hell and have an embassy in our country: SOME OF US CANT EVEN LIVE OUTSIDE NIGERIA .we just want to visit , explore and have fun . So sad * I think it’s fair enough to have a proper interview not that 1min interview claiming psychologist * I think it’s better to get a refund after refusal . At least 50%
*I think it’s cool to do a proper check on individuals
  And so on .